DNews Can You Actually Be Scared to Death?

People say that they are “scared to death.” Is it possible to actually die from being scared? Trace and Wilson investigate. 

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Can you really scare someone to death?
“While we all know the importance of taking care of the ticker, there may be some fear triggers that we just can't avoid, like a terrorist attack or an earthquake.”

How Fear Works
“To produce the fight-or-flight response, the hypothalamus activates two systems: the sympathetic nervous system and the adrenal-cortical system.”

“Norepinephrine is a catecholamine with multiple roles including as a hormone and a neurotransmitter.”

Ventricular Fibrillation
“Ventricular fibrillation (v-fib for short) is the most serious cardiac rhythm disturbance. The lower chambers quiver and the heart can't pump any blood, causing cardiac arrest.”

Can You Die of a Broken Heart?

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The One Fear We All Share

What Makes You A Risk Taker?


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