Behind the Scenes of my Upcoming BlackBoxTV Episode

I've been a huge fan of the YouTube horror series BlackBoxTV since its first season, so naturally I've been dropping hints with varying degrees of subtlety to my buddy and BlackBoxTV Creator/Director, Tony Valenzuela that I wanted to be in an episode.  Fast forward four seasons later: Our schedules aligned, the story was right and frankly, Tony was sick of me asking.  The episode is called "Selfie" and without giving anything away, the story is basically a YouTuber's worst nightmare.  We shot the whole thing in one day in Joshua Tree and I can honestly tell you I got legit scared more than once during shooting.  I'm also scared of pigeons, but still...

The episode should be live in the next week or so, but subscribe to the BlackBoxTV YouTube channel to be among the first to see it! 

Not on the BlackBoxTV train yet?  Check out this teaser and get on it!