Leap Year : That Kind of Day

Leap Year

Season 1, Episode 6 - That Kind of Day 

Bryn faces a crisis of conscience and identity when the company server goes missing.

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Leap Year is a Silicon Valley startup comedy series owned by USA Network


  • YURI BARANOVSKY as Aaron Morrison
  • ALEXIS BOOZER as Bryn Arbor
  • WILSON CLEVELAND as Derek Morrison
  • DANIELA DiIORIO as Olivia Reddox
  • DREW LANNING as Jack Sather
  • RACHEL RISEN as Lisa Morrison 


  • Created by Wilson Cleveland, Vlad Baranovsky and Yuri Baranovsky
  • Directed by Yuri Baranovsky and Justin Morrison
  • Written by: Vlad Baranovsky and Yuri Baranovsky
  • Executive Producer: Wilson Cleveland
  • Produced by Vlad Baranovsky, Yuri Baranovsky, Justin Morrison and Dashiell Reinhardt
  • Associate Producer: Garrett Law

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 Bryn (Alexis Boozer) distracts herself with work. 

Bryn (Alexis Boozer) distracts herself with work.