The Temp Life : Nick's Last Stand

Cook (guest star Milo Ventimiglia) gives Nick a pep talk to help him deal with various plots unfolding against him. Nancy Roder (Taryn Southern) and Stevie P. (Sandeep Parikh) say an awkward goodbye. 

Wilson Cleveland as Nick Chiapetta
Mark Jude as Mark Sebastian
Rachel Risen as Alina Deloris
Thom Woodley as Stormy Simonsen

Guest starring:
Milo Ventimiglia as Cook
Taryn Southern as Nancy Roder
Sandeep Parikh as Stevie P.
Craig Bierko as Eddie Chiapetta
Brendan Bradley as Hank Pittman

Created and Produced by Wilson Cleveland
Directed by Jato Smith and Andrew Park
Written by Tony Janning and Gabe Uhr