The Temp Life : Return of the Eddie

The Temp Life

Season 5, Episode 8 - Return of the Eddie - featuring Craig Bierko and Illeana Douglas

  • Eddie and Eve (guest stars Craig Bierko and Illeana Douglas) gather the troops for Nick's final humiliation.  


  • Wilson Cleveland as NICK CHIAPETTA  
  • Mark Jude as MARK SEBASTIAN  
  • Rachel Risen as ALINA DELORIS  
  • Thom Woodley as STORMY SIMONSEN 

Guest Stars:

  • Craig Bierko as EDDIE CHIAPETTA
  • Illeana Douglas as EVE RANDALL


  • Created and Produced by Wilson Cleveland
  • Directed by Jato Smith and Andrew Park
  • Written by Tony Janning and Gabe Uhr